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Garda Apartmanház

Garda Apartman

Dear Guests!

The Garda Apartment House was built in 2005, close to the largest natural spa lake of Europe. Our apartment that is in a pleasant and peaceful area of the world famous recreational town, is not only for those who want to be healed but who like family atmosphere as well. Those who are looking for active entertainments and adventure, can do sports related to horseback riding, water (sailing, swimming, fishing) and flying.
The town has 200 years of history and famous traditional cultural programs & events.
This is the place where we built our Mediterranean style, consist of demandingly furnished, family atmosphered 8 apartments that are open all the year round.

We hope we can welcome you as our guest soon!

Our apartment house is for SALE
Call us at: +36 30 9397490

Hévízi Szobakiadók Szövetsége   Szépkártya elfogadó hely

Garda Apartmanház Hévíz

Our apartment house that is only 900 metres away from the Hévíz thermal lake and is open for the entire year for those guests who want to relax, heal themselves and/or just enjoy their time.

Garda Apartman térkép
Hévízi Szobakiadók Szövetsége   Szépkártya elfogadó hely

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